Beautiful Kimono are going to waste all over Japan.


We want you to know, first of all, that there are still many beautiful kimonos being discarded. Just one wholesaler disposes of 1.5 tons of kimono every week and burns them every week. If this was the whole country, how much more would be thrown away?

When I look at the beautiful silk kimonos in the rubbish bags, I feel sad and want to turn away.


Beautiful Kimono are going to waste all over Japan. A few stains, dirty lining, plain clothes don’t sell…. Every month, 6 tons of kimonos are discarded for small reasons. It should be enough to use as a fabric.

Remaking and Upcycling means to safe Fabrics from going to waste. I have a burning passion and deep respect for japanese culture and Remaking Kimonos into Fashion menas saving and preserving these beautiful fabrics that otherwise would go to waste.

I wish to give these Kimono and skillfully crafted fabrics a new life and make them available for people to wear and enjoy. Because even the most beautiful Kimono is sopposed to be clothing and I think it will be happiest if people wear and enjoy it as such.

Kimono ready for Remake : Commissions open!